3rd Grip’s Pole Holster (Guest Review)

Posted on January 20, 2006

A Stream Stalker’s Must Have!
by Jonn Graham

When it comes to chasing river bronze, most of us spend many hours wading. Sure some river anglers employ the use of a boat, canoe, or kayak, but for the most part, stream bassin’ involves walking up and down streams on foot. Of course, wading is very effective, but like anything else, there are limitations. My biggest problem with wading has always been the lack of ability to carry a second fishing rod. Historically, wade fishermen have had to carry one rod, and that one rod had to be incredibly versatile, able to cast and handle a large variety of baits. Sure, I have tried countless ways to attach a second rod to my person, but none of my schemes have ever worked. But alas, I finally have found a product that has put an end to only carrying one rod!

Last spring I spied this product made by 3rd Grip called a Pole Holster. After a few recommendations, I slapped down the 20 dollars and went home a very excited angler. The pole holster is basically a belt made out of industrial grade denier with a section on the belt that houses a short section of plastic tubing . This plastic tubing is what holds your spare rod. Simply slip the butt end of your fishing rod in the tube, letting the rod slide down until the reel stops the rod’s progress. In addition, a strategic pliers holder is also included with the system. Let me tell you, this product is really slick!

3rd Grip’s pole holster comes in two models and three different colors. The standard model is for those who cast with their right hand (belt is built with the rod holder positioned on the angler’s left hip so as not to impede casting), while the model labeled “lefty” is for all those southpaw anglers ( rod holder on right side). I prefer to position my pole holster on the very posterior side of my left hip. When doing this my extra rod is pointed back and at about a 45 degree angle. Now, what makes this system versatile is the fact that any angler can position the holster wherever they feel comfortable. Adjustment is easy, simply turn the belt!

All in all, this is really an innovative creation. It is not often when the fishing marketplace designs a product for us water-sloshers. I do not know of any stream smallmouth chaser that would not benefit from the pole holster. Just imagine having two rods rigged and ready at all times! That alone should be reason enough to purchase one. If you have any other questions about the product, you can contact me or check out Rodney’s website at


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