Case Plastics Jack’s Worm

Posted on August 5, 2004

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes a brand new innovation that is so simple it just plain works. This is where the brand new “Jack’s Worm” fits right in. Soft plastic innovator, Charlie Case, owner of Case Plastics in Virginia (, sent me a few of these wonderful creations back in May 2004. I took one out of the bag and knew right away this was something special. I called Charlie, we chatted and laughed for a while about how simple and just plain wiggly this new worm is.

The stick bait, of which there are now 1,000 brands, has surely become one of the top bass lures across the county. What Case did was just narrow and smooth the tail creating a whole new profile. That thin tail wiggles, twitches, and wobbles in a way that just can’t be explained until you try one and see it for yourself.

I’ve taken the Case Jack’s Worm to many different waters in my area and the results have been outstanding on all Black Bass species, and a few rather large pan fish to boot – a nice bonus. There are about as many ways to rig this new lure as there are to fish it, and that’s quite a few.

My favorite ways to rig this creative lure are:

  • Weightless on a 1/0 thin wire offset worm hook
  • Wacky rigged on a short shank size 1 octopus style
  • Nose hooked on a drop shot rig
  • Added to a stand up of football head

I believe one thing that makes this lure stand out above so many others is it’s ability to mimic so many different prey species, everything from a leach to minnow, crayfish, sculpin, worm…..I think you get the idea. This feature is what makes many soft plastics stand the test of time, last year after year, and become a staple in many tackle boxes across the globe.

Jack’s Worm falls into the “finesse” category at around the 4” mark in length, yet due to its heavy salt content, it weighs enough to be easily cast weightless. Finesse is important on pressured waters when bass are in an inactive feeding mode, which is most of the bass’s life. Smaller lures labeled finesse are becoming more and more popular as the years pass, and its easy to see why with the results that they are producing.

If you haven’t tried one of these new critters, I seriously suggest you do, and do it when everything else in your tackle box is failing to produce. I am very confident that the Jack’s Worm will put a smile on your face and a fish in your hand.

by Duane Richards

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