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How to Tie a Sculpin Fly

MATERIALS: Hook: standard streamer hook, 8 to 1/0 Thread: dark colors, brown recommended TYING INSTRUCTIONS: Tie in marabou at the bend about the length of the hook shaft. Tie in chenille, brass or gold wire and a hackle feather at the same point. Wrap chenille forward to about 3/8″ of the hook eye. Do the […]

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New RiverSmallies Forum Launched!

We just launched the new RiverSmallies forum! If you were a previous member of RiverSmallies you will need to re-register as this is a brand new forum and we are starting fresh! To join the forum click here Enjoy!

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Patience is a Virtue When Using The X-Rap!

Patience is a Virtue When Using The X-Rap! (Guest Article) by Mark Earley My best fishing buddy is my cousin Frank and he is the best smallmouth fisherman I know. Not only that, he is the most competitive guy I know. That being said, I am always trying to find an edge on him just […]

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Bronze Treasure: How Indiana Stream Smallmouth Preserved One Man’s Sanity

by: Mike Haars It was as depressing as it had been exhilarating three years prior. The Alaska Highway, gateway to more wilderness than most people experience during the course of a lifetime, seemed gloomy and macabre. Thirty-six months had passed since my wife and I had packed up our stuff, dog and cat and headed […]

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Seven Things You Can Do To Protect the Shenandoah River From Future Fish Kills

Guest Article by Jeff “Yakfish” Little I went to Jeff Kelble’s Shenandoah Riverkeeper gathering on the South Fork Shenandoah River last month. The presentation rocked – but I was kind of bummed out by the poor showing from the and PRSC communities. We need to do better in supporting Shenandoah Riverkeeper, so I asked […]

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Successful Rigging and Fishing Techniques for Soft Jerk Baits

Guest Article by Al Winco The Jerk’n Minnow from Winco’s Custom Lures is the ultimate soft jerk bait that attracts and catches smallmouth bass with one of the best natural sink rates available today. They are poured with harder plastisol to give that important darting, side-to side retrieve, without going around in circles (like softer […]

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Fishin’ with the Fishin’ Musicians

Fishin’ with the Fishin’ Musicians (Guest Article) by Bill Schultz During the summer of 2006, I noticed an interesting fishing report about a river in Wisconsin by a guy with the handle, “Fishinmusician.” I hadn’t heard of this river in my home state, where I thought I knew all the good smallie rivers. So, I […]

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A Work of Art in Plastisol

Pouring your own soft plastics to match the profile, action, and color of natural forage. Guest Article by Jeff Little Have you ever sifted through an entire aisle of soft plastics to find a pack of tubes with a specific shade of green? Have you ever had to settle for a color of fluke that […]

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Spectra Based Super Lines: How Old is Your Line?

Guest Article by Duane Richards The word “bulletproof” comes to mind: Spectra braided lines that is. In comparison to nylons (all monofilaments) the sheer strength of Spectra is undeniable and indisputable. Spectra made changing line before most fishing trips a thing of the past, one that I’m very happy to have avoided for many years. […]

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Four Winning Lures to Catch More River Smallies

Guest Article by Bill Schultz Fishing for smallmouth bass is my passion. I love chasing smallies on lakes, but enjoy the river experience even more. I’ve spent hundreds of hours wading smaller rivers from Southeast Wisconsin to the Southwest corner of the state. In recent years, I’ve done some productive exploring on the Wisconsin, Menominee, […]

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