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Weighing-In on Berkley’s Digital Scales

OK, we’ve all been watching the TV fishing shows when the host catches a bass, holds it up, and proclaims, “that’s a nice three-pounder.” Sometimes I agree, but more often you’ll hear from my couch, “that’s not a three-pounder.” When I got back into fishing in 1992, I promised myself that I wouldn’t exaggerate. That’s […]

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Gene Larew Plastics

This story begins last year when I learned that the plastic crawdad I relied on for years had been discontinued to make room for the newer, better model. I was sorry to see my go-to bait for fishing the river take an abrupt, early retirement. That sent me on a long search for the next […]

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Big Daddye’s Willow Wobbler

Catch and release is a way of smallie fishing life for me and most of our members. Yet, back in the sixties an eye-popping string of giant smallmouth literally changed my life and helped get me into this fascinating sport. It was on New York’s Lake Chautauqua at the beginning of bass season when a […]

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Jigs: Traditional and Non-Traditional

One item all smallmouth enthusiasts have in their tackle box are jigs. We use them in tubes, thread various plastics on them and even use them for live-bait once in a while. I’ve used many types of jigs over the years, usually the cheapest ones I could find. I came to the conclusion a couple […]

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Case Sinkin’ Salty Shad

There are a ton of soft jerk baits out there today. Most I’ve thrown from time to time, but not one has impressed me like the Case Sinkin’ Salty Shad. Charlie Case took the idea of the current 5” fluke style soft jerk baits and did a little tweaking. Salt. One of the few things […]

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Knowing Bass: The Scientific Approach To Catching More Fish

Book by Keith A. Jones, Ph.D. I am not what you would call a voracious reader. I read often, but usually not for very long. I prefer magazine articles to novels. I suppose that you could say that I am more of a grazer than one who prefers a big meal of reading material. When […]

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Triggerspin Reels: The “Under”rated Alternative

Scene one. The spot looks perfect. A slight bulge in the current shows where the rock is located. A quick cast in front of it should yield a good smallie. The cast. #!@#&*! The backlash on the baitcaster screws up the attempt. The fish is spooked. A chance is lost. Scene two. This time it’ll […]

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D-Barb Tool

For many catch and release anglers, the joy of hooking, fighting, and landing a smallmouth can be ruined, when they see that their hook has been swallowed by the bass. Hooks that are taken past the gullet can be fatal. If the fish does not die of blood loss in the immediate future, the blockage […]

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First Cast Jigs

About 35 years ago,during my college years, a friend alerted my to a hot smallie bite in Pennsylvania’s Elk creek, just before it spilled into Lake Erie. Venturing out into the wide shallow stream on a drizzly afternoon, tossing jigs and spinners into the current, I drew an occasional strike from a few scattered smallies. […]

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J.E.F. Bucktails

efore the big interstates were everywhere, I used to journey north from our Pittsburgh home with my family on two -lanes through sleepy little burgs in the Allegheny national forest. In those wide-eyed days of my youth, the trip was truly magical, driving through the gorgeous combination of woods, mountains, and the scenic, relatively unspoiled, […]

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