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Thread: scadden boats

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    scadden boats

    got a friend that is looking at a new scadden raft, but a recent search is showing poor reviews and customer service in the recent past.
    anybody have any info or recent experiences?

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    Smallie blake is on a distinguished road
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    I got a McKenzie Drifter 2-man that I should sell. Not using it at all. Missing one oar lock and has two sets of crappy oars.

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    Hey Josh,
    My experiences with them are from a few years back. RonD had one and the stitching on the outer layers came undone. The oars would fill with water and be heavy.
    He sold his and got an Aire and hes had it ever since.

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    My brother and have had our Scadden boats for about 10 years. We had a bladder burst on the first day we inflated it for a week of fishing on Green River WY. The next morning we were waiting at the door of the Salt Lake City Cabelas, they pulled a new boat from a ceiling display and the rest of the week we had some of the best trout fishing ever. On another trip to Wyoming we snapped an oar, luckily a local machinist repaired it and again our trip was saved. Since These two misadventures and an oar upgrade the boats have worked out well enough. We just pulled them out of storage and hope to get another weeks use next month.

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    I've had my Scadden raft for 5 years. It's got a lot of pros and a lot of cons. Over the years, for me, the pros have outweighed the cons. If you read the serious rafting message boards, you will get pretty negative reviews of the rafts...mainly because those guys are comparing them to serious whitewater boats...which the Scaddens are NOT.

    -Price: they are affordable
    -Size: they are light and portable which was important to me since, I had a sedan when I bought it
    -Design: that my raft has an opening in the middle is an exceptional advantage...I can carry it easier stop and wade by putting my feet down, and carry it over shoals without getting out.

    -The factory oars are junk and the oarlocks (rack and pinion if you don't have a frame) are not nearly sturdy enough for any kind of whitewater over low class III if you have 2 people in the boat. I've broken 2 oarlocks when getting an oar stuck in rocks in a rapid. I have to carry a spare (which they always send for free)
    -Seats...if you don't have a framed the seats are pretty bad. I had to Jerry rig a frame using old ODC frame parts to make it usable. Once I did that, it was great...but should you have to?
    -Service...it hasn't been as bad for me as it has for others, but my boat has held up well, except for oars and oarlocks. I've had to replace one valve and I got one, but it took a couple of calls. I've read horror stories if there is a true warranty issue, like a seam repair. Speaking of seams, they aren't stitched any longer...they are welded and mine have held up very well. I've used it about 50 times over the years. What I don't appreciate when I call is the attitude..."uh, we've never heard of an oar lock breaking"...well, I've broken 2, so I'm sure I'm the only one in the country.

    So...I can't speak to the framed model quality...but I've been pretty darn happy with my boat. It's held up well, I carry a spare oar and oarlocks, and my mods have made it a joy to row. If you have any weight in the boat, or are going down any kind of serious rapids, you will need new oars and a new frame. I've upgraded my oars to the next level up from the factory but they still aren't great, and the boat gives too much to be able to trunk two people in a class III rapid.

    PM me if you want any more details.

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    I just snagged a 2015 Scadden Assault Dragonfly XTC (12', 16" tubes, self-bailer) from ebay about an hour ago. No frame, just the raft for less than $600 shipped. I've got a few frame parts laying around the garage from other frames I've built for my WW rafts, so I'm hoping to weld up a frame for less than $200 that'll work, then take measurements before finally deciding on what oar length to buy. Hope I didn't screw up buying the Scadden but the price was too good to pass up. I plan to use it on smaller streams with my old fishing buddy who is in his 70's. I've got a 12' Hy-side rigged for bigger water.


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    Hello- I just bought a Dragon Fly XTC. It's so new I am still adding different accessories. I have a question for the group: Does anyone have experience with using an electric motor with this or similar model? I am wondering if a 30" or 36" shaft would be better. With that said, I am hoping to use the same motor on my Clackacraft drift boat, which may require the 36". Thanks in advance for your insight.

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