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Thread: Float and Fly

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    Quote Originally Posted by psprowler View Post
    Never gonna let me forget that day on Dale are you? Fukker!
    Why would I? I might get a hair up my ass and make you go back one of these winters. Its much easier to find them now with my electronics, and last time I caught the holy fire out of them. Even in a blizzard.

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    Smallie psprowler is on a distinguished road
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    I’d do it....but you’re running the trolling motor and unhooking your own trout. Plus I’ve learned to backreel since then. Hope the circuit is treating you right.

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    Small Fry Andy is on a distinguished road
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    In my opinion, it's not quite FnF time just yet. I like to fish hair jigs and jig/craw ned rig type stuff until the water temps get below 40. I am still getting them on a jerkbait and bottom bouncing a hair jig, and I won't put that down until I am forced to. I FnF with a 10 ft 9 wt. fly rod and personally I think it's the best way to go. Easy to cast long leaders, great for mending, great hooksets, etc. It's the only time I fly fish for smallies unless there is a great cicada hatch.

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