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Thread: Squarebills in the Shallow Flats

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    Squarebills in the Shallow Flats

    Hit the Shenandoah river last night. Bright full moon. Started with the Torpedo, but nothing. Then tied on a squarebill. I've actually never fished one before. It came as a free gift from Fenwick with the purchase of a new rod. At first it was disappointing because it kept catching leaves from bumping the bottom. Then started fishing it with the rod tip high with a slow retrieve and wound up catching 7 in an hour and a half. None of bragging size, however I gained a bit of confidence using something new. Crankbaits aren't something I throw enough of. I've always had better luck with soft plastics. My prior fishing experience was with zander in Germany. I was in Hanau with the army, and the Main (pronounced mine) river ran through it with a dam on either end. We would toss grubs into the current and on a cloudy day we would catch monsters all day long. Perhaps once you cut your teeth on finesse tactics, it's a challenge to gain confidence with other techniques. I'm very glad to have discovered the joy of smallmouth fishing. This forum has helped me immensely, and I thank you all for the advice and encouragement.

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    I love cranks! Great when fish are active. Shallow to medium are all you need for smallies.

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    It's all about confidence.

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    Grubs work here as well with varying rod tip angles, weighted and reeled appropriately to match conditions. Remember your zander experiences. Don't discard. I grew up fishing big river walleye and there's a lot of crossover between the two regarding riverine presentation.

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