How to Tie a Sculpin Fly

Posted on September 13, 2012


Hook: standard streamer hook, 8 to 1/0
Thread: dark colors, brown recommended


Tie in marabou at the bend about the length of the hook shaft.
Tie in chenille, brass or gold wire and a hackle feather at the same point.
Wrap chenille forward to about 3/8″ of the hook eye. Do the same with the hackle and the wire.
Tie off and spin a deer hair head on the remaining bare hook.
Trim deer hair flat and wide to imitate a sculpin. Leave a few long hairs extend over the back of the fly.

NOTES: “Fish this thing on a deep sinking fly line. Let the fly sit until it is about to be pulled under by the fly line. Twitch and let it rise to the surface. Then retrieve (twitch) it slowly along the bottom. It is deadly!”

Flies and tying instructions by Tom Chamberlain


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