Patience is a Virtue When Using The X-Rap!

Posted on June 3, 2009

Patience is a Virtue When Using The X-Rap! (Guest Article)
by Mark Earley

My best fishing buddy is my cousin Frank and he is the best smallmouth fisherman I know. Not only that, he is the most competitive guy I know. That being said, I am always trying to find an edge on him just so I can “compete” in the boat. I remember thinking I had the edge with the “Sluggo” and he started using the “fluke.” But when I countered with the “Senko” (wacky rigged), I thought I had finally stumped him. Little did I know that my cousin would start fishing with what I would consider the best smallmouth bait we have used to date – the X-Rap.

Most of our smallmouth fishing is done between Emlenton and Kennerdell on the middle-Allegheny. I have not been able to get my boat in yet this year so I thought I would try the X-Rap while I was walking the Casselman River in Fayette County. I put on a 3 inch X-Rap with the intentions of possibly catching a big rainbow or a holdover brown. The area that I was fishing was about a 200 yard stretch of fast water with a long section of protected area behind a big point that stuck out at the head of the run. I started by casting the bait into the fast water and letting it swing down around. The great thing about the X-rap is that it stays suspended at the exact depth that the bait is at when you stop reeling. The fist time I let the lure sit for a good ten seconds near some rocks in front of me. A big smallmouth came over and whacked it. I continued this practice throughout the protected area and caught 8 real nice smallmouths with the biggest being 18 inches. The key to the whole approach was to let the lure sit for about ten seconds at a time as you reel it in. I found that more times than not, that is when the bass would hit. Cast out, jerk, sit, jerk, sit, jerk, sit, and repeat. Cast out, jerk, sit, jerk, sit, jerk, sit, and repeat. Remember to let it sit for at least ten seconds because the bait will remain suspended. Most of the time I never got to the third jerk because I already had one on and there is nothing like an 18 inch smallie on an ultra-light rod. Though I used the 3 inch lure on the Casselman, I will probably use the 4 inch on the Allegheny.

Hopefully my cousin has not yet discovered this approach. At least for one fishing trip together, I might be the one with the upper-hand.


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