Posted on January 8, 2005

Scent-A-Strike I received some samples of this attractant from Bryan Auerbach at the Scent-A-Strike company. They have 3 different fish attractants: garlic, anise, and crawfish. After some length of testing this product in the stained and clear waters of the Susquehanna and Juniata rivers, I found this to be a great product. I used all 3 attractants on different baits next to baits with no attractants and I caught more fish using the Scent-A-Strike attractant on my baits.

You can apply this to any lure. Jam packed with the top bass attracting amino acids, you can get over 5,000 applications per scent stick. You pull it out of the tube and turn the bottom of the tube and the attractant comes out and you just rub it on any lure you want. I also rubbed some of the Scent-A-Strike on my jighead before I put it up in the tube. It did make a difference that way. I am mainly a tube fisherman and have tried it with many different brands of tube and the attractant stays on the bait for a long time. It is a no mess scent.

I have used a lot of attractants in the past and have had messy outcomes with them. The product is sold individually as well in 3 packs and it is available through the Scent-A-Strike website. I know i will always have this product in my tackle bag and you should, too. This product works on any freshwater fish. I used the product for largemouth and smallmouth bass and have had incredible results with it in both stained water and clear water. You will be satisfied with this product.

Guest Review by Pete Hanford

Pete Hanford is a regular at and operates HawgHunter Guide Service in PA.

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